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MAS Partners Sri Lanka Cricket To Empower Women’s Cricket Team For T20 World Cup 2020

Apparel giant MAS Holdings cemented its decade-long partnership with Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) with the empowerment of the national women’s cricket team ahead of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia later this month. The announcement of the collaboration was made at a press conference hosted by SLC recently, where MAS launched inspirational ‘Diriya Denna’ campaign – rallying the nation around the women’s team and elevating their sense of pride as representatives of Sri Lanka on the global stage.

“Following our groundbreaking Waste-to-Wearable sustainability initiative of the ICC World Cup 2019, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with SLC to power the national women’s cricket team with our revolutionary performance wear,” stated Head of Women’s Empowerment, Advocacy and Code of Conduct of MAS, Thanuja Jayawardene.  “While founded on a high-impact sustainability drive, we have also aligned this partnership with our Diriya Denna initiative – empowering and encouraging not only our sportswomen, but young girls and women across Sri Lanka to fearlessly pursue any path, challenge stereotypes and become leaders for our nation. By promoting the game and rallying the country around our women’s team, we also want to emphasize the importance and impact of women in representing Sri Lanka internationally.”

The Diriya Denna campaign will continue throughout 2020, beyond the national jersey sponsorship, with MAS implementing a number of up-skilling, multi-skilling, motivational training, personal development, leadership, communication and educational programmes for the national women’s cricket team. The initiative is implemented through MAS’ globally acclaimed Women Go Beyond programme, aligned with the company’s sustainability agenda for gender equality and women’s empowerment to nurture strong female role models for future generations.

The Ocean Plastics initiative was launched as a long-term solution for Sri Lanka’s pressing marine pollution issue. The national cricket jersey is produced by MAS from polyester yarn made of upcycled PET plastics recovered from the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. The breakthrough fabric was also used to produce the Sri Lankan national men’s cricket team jerseys for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

“Our sustainability efforts are long-term investments across all facets of our operation,” Sharika Senanayake – Director Environmental Sustainability continued. “Over the past three decades, MAS has continued to invest in innovative and visionary sustainable initiatives focused on people, products and processes. MAS’ empowerment of the national women’s cricket team is one instance where all three facets have come together. We will continue to embed our environmental and social commitments into our manufacturing process to reap greater results and benefits for all stakeholders involved.”