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MAS Intimates Unichela Panadura Celebrates 30 years of Excellence

On the 16th of August 2017, MAS Holdings celebrated its 30th anniversary. A USD 1.75 billion organization with over 88,000 employees and 50 facilities in 16 countries today, it all began at Unichela 30 years ago, with just 26 sewing machines and 60 employees.

1986 was a milestone year, when Mahesh Amalean met Martin Trust, the then President of MAST Industries (USA), and a partnership was sealed on a handshake, giving rise to Unichela. Soon, Mahesh was travelling to Columbus, Ohio, to persuade Victoria’s Secret to buy lingerie manufactured in Sri Lanka – a product that was unheard of in the South Asian region, to be made in a country with no prior experience in the field. Surging ahead, what the young organisation lacked in technical skills and knowledge, almost non-existent in Sri Lanka at the time, it made up for with passion, tenacity and a clear understanding that it would not compromise on the welfare of employees. This people-oriented culture is a hallmark of the organisation. The persistence and creative thinking paid off as MAS soon became renowned as a leading lingerie manufacturer in the region.

30 years on, MAS is one of the foremost Design-to-Delivery Solution Providers in the world of apparel and textile manufacturing, and is globally recognised for integrating technology and apparel.

The MAS identity extends beyond offering superlative products, services and operational excellence; it is deeply rooted in developing exceptional teams and community well-being. We strive to be the employer of choice for people who wish to flourish in a creative, challenging and diverse environment. As a responsible and inclusive employer, we focus on the professional development and the well-being of employees, with respect and value for their diversity, ensuring that our business practices and facilities create the foundation for distinction.

We are enablers of socio-economic development in the communities and localities we work in. We understood early on that our operations have a significant impact, as well as a reliance, on society and the part we need to play on a broader social and ecological level.

In today’s world, creativity is a collaborative endeavor and innovation a team effort. High-speed digital communications imply that partnerships must operate in real time. Gearing toward a new phase of digitalisation at MAS, we envision and develop complex products with advanced technology and follow through to bulk production with unmatched quality and delivery standards. In 2017, MAS became the first Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer to commence operations in North America. With our global expansion adding value to the company, MAS also continues to grow within Sri Lanka with the new MAS Fabric Park in Giriulla initiated earlier this year. As a continuously evolving organisation, we are constantly looking to transform our design and manufacturing landscape both locally and internationally to cater to the dynamic interests of our customers.

MAS continues to grow and adapt supported firmly by our people, our customers and our communities. The positive results from three decades of work towards making a tangible difference in the lives of our employees, their communities and the environment is seen every day in the stories of growth and achievement that surround us.

Whilst reflecting the original intent of the three founders, our core values of honesty and integrity, humility, passion for excellence, freedom with accountability and trust and mutual respect are universal, and provide a framework for operations. Our people are the custodians of these values and culture.

Three decades ago the founding leaders of the organisation, Mahesh, Sharad and Ajay Amalean may not have fully known what MAS was destined to become . . . but they always believed in its potential. Visionary thinking, evolution, transformation and a people-oriented culture have been the critical factors of our achievements, and together with the organisation’s values form the cornerstones of who we are today. This will continue to drive MAS in to the future.