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MAS Augments Supply Chain with Best Pacific Joint Venture

As part of a strategic evolution that would further strengthen and advance its supply chain offerings to the world’s foremost fashion brands, MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd (“MAS”), via its direct wholly-owned subsidiary, signed a joint venture agreement with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Best Pacific International Holdings Limited (“Best Pacific”), to further elevate the expertise and capabilities of Trischel Fabric (Private) Limited (“Trischel”) in producing warp and weft knitted synthetic fabrics in Sri Lanka.

This significant joint venture between MAS and Best Pacific, one of the world’s leading one-stop solutions providers in the synthetic textile industry, allows MAS and Best Pacific to collaborate with the common goal of strengthening their competences in innovation and product development in intimate and sportswear fabrics, while also aiding MAS’ venture into the growing athleisure space.

MAS’ Deputy Chairman, Mr. Sharad Amalean said,

“this strategic joint venture with Best Pacific comes at a crucial time when the industry partners need to collaborate more to drive performance improvement across the supply chain in keeping with the pace of innovation. For MAS, this is a partnership that offers potential to explore more growth opportunities in the domain of synthetic fabrics, and with that, focus on more innovative product offerings for our customers.”