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MAS Active named Top Innovator by Apparel Magazine


Apparel Magazine ( ) a USA based monthly publication, is the No. 1 voice and authority for leading apparel brand, retail and manufacturing executives. In its 9th annual “Innovator” special issue, MAS ACTIVE has been recognized as a truly innovative organization in the industry, one that has demonstrated exceptionality through an IT-related implementation, product launch or for executing an outstanding business strategy.

MAS Active was commended for the IT systems developed (Intello Buy and Intello Cut ) in collaboration with its strategic business partner Threadsol Pvt Ltd. The main objective behind the project was to reduce material costs by optimizing the material ordered and consumed. The solution worked out enables the company to procure the minimum material requirement by deriving  the best possible marker and lay plan at the buy processing stage (upstream) thereby calculating the best possible ordering YY through the integration with the CAD system. It also optimizes material usage through integration with SAP during the lay planning process at the cutting stage  (downstream). These savings are achieved through an advanced algorithm based calculation and by integrating with SAP.

In addition to material optimization, the MAS ACTIVE team has managed to simplify the process by reducing from 18 to 6 steps from the point of receiving Customer orders to generation of material purchase orders to Suppliers. This process innovation has resulted in improving productivity by automating the process, eliminating manual work and processing errors. The Supply Chain lead time has also been reduced by 7 days enabling the business to offer shorter turnaround times.